Who are we?

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association UK (AMSA UK) is the university branch of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association. Our aim is simple: bring Ahmadi Muslim youth together in university, so that they can better practice and preach the true peaceful teachings of Islam in their university lives.

University life isn’t easy. Be it non-stop coursework assignments, life-changing exams, challenging social situations, or intellectual attacks on the heart of religion, no-one can go it alone. For that reason it is AMSA’s mission to provide young Ahmadi Muslims in university, and others, with the answers and guidance they need to have a strong relationship with God during their degree. Our local chapters hold regular social events, discussion circles, prayer services, and more, giving everyone the chance to get involved with something. Our teams aren’t made of supermen or saints- just regular young Muslims trying their best to practice and express their faith in university.

But that’s not all. AMSA UK has a rich history of interfaith events with various other faith and non-faith societies, including Jewish Society, Buddhist Society, Ahlul Bayt Society, Atheist Humanist & Secular Society, Social Workers Society and more! (See our Media page). We are committed to breaking down barriers of belief and background on campus, and invite you to join us!

You can find our Sister organisation here. Get in contact with us by emailing amsa@khuddam.co.uk.  Find out more about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association UK here, the activities of the wider community here, and read into our beliefs here

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