A Message From Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih to Ahmadi Students

The following is a message graciously written by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) for the attendees of the AMSA Student Retreat, held from 11th to 13th September 2015, at Jamia Ahmadiyya UK. Its advice is invaluable for students the world over. Please read and share:

“Dear Khuddam of AMSA UK:

You are gathered here at Jamia UK to hold the Weekend Retreat event in order to inspire towards spiritual and academic excellence. May Allah the Almighty bless this event in every respect, Ameen.

Ahmadi students should always remember and bear this in mind that they are not some ordinary students but Ahmadi students who have recognised the Imam of this age whose advent was aimed to fulfil the following main two objectives under the auspice of the Holy Prophet (saw):

Firstly to draw his followers near to God the Almighty and remind them of fulfilling His due rights; and secondly, to establish and protect the due rights of humanity.

Therefore, an Ahmadi student, moreover in general, each and every Ahmadi should keep these two things in mind and should make his plans in life according to these two objectives. Allah the Almighty has also favoured upon us by revealing a prophecy to the Promised Messiah (as) saying that whosoever become true Ahmadis by fulfilling the aforementioned rights and they spend their lives acting upon true teachings of Islam, Allah the Almighty will grant them prominent status and they will meet a great deal of progress in knowledge and wisdom. Hence, an ordinary student gains only the worldly advancements by his hard work, while an Ahmadi student becomes recipient of God’s blessings in addition to the worldly progress by doing hard work along with leaning towards God. In this way an Ahmadi student lives a peaceful life in this world as well as he receives Allah’s pleasure in the afterlife.

Therefore, from a young age an Ahmadi student’s priorities should not be only based on gaining knowledge for worldly objectives, but he should also strive to become an inspiration of service to God’s creation and to attain His pleasure. I hope that you will benefit greatly from this event where you will have discussions on various subjects and you will also have opportunity to seek advice from professionals coming from different fields. By interacting with each other and exchanging information, you will be able to make future plans for your career and will get help in choosing the right direction and field for yourself. At one hand you will be enlightening your intellectual abilities and on the other hand you should also be trying to make a special connection with Allah the Almighty. You should also strive to fulfil the aims of the advent of the Promised Messiah (as) and to strengthen your bond with Khilafat so that your progress in knowledge and wisdom prove beneficial for the whole world by gathering under one hand and you also become the messenger-bearers to convey the message of Islam and the Unity of Allah the Almighty to this world.

May Allah the Almighty make this event blessed and successful in every way.


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