Remembrance of God – Pt. 1

“Therefore remember Me, and I will remember you; and be thankful to Me and do not be ungrateful to Me.” [2:153] 

The Remembrance of God is perhaps the most important and fundamental reason for our entire existence.

Here’s why.

There is nothing that can bring true peace to our hearts like remembering our Creator. As human beings, we have many wishes and desires. These wishes and desires are endless. If we were given one mountain of gold we would want another. The only true thing which provides content in our hearts is the development of a relationship with Allah; to cultivate communion with God.

The second caliph of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community  gave a speech in the Qadian Jalsa of 1924, regarding this topic. He said:
“Often, I receive letters of prayers from many people and they request different things. Some person requests that I pray for their job, another requests that I pray for his education, another requests prayers for their spouse. But very rarely do people request prayers that they develop a deeper communion with Allah. What they do not understand is that if they do develop a deeper tie with Allah then they will be free of all other worries also. And, this is the only remedy which will bring them eternal bliss.”

The sole purpose for which The Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) brought his message to this world was so that we recognise our Lord and Creator. The sole purpose for 124,000 other Prophets coming into this world was also the same. His holiness Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) often wrote that his purpose was similarly to bring humanity closer to God.

“The world cannot accept me, because I do not belong to this world. But those who are gifted with a measure of otherworldliness are the ones who accept and will accept me. The one who rejects me rejects Him who has sent me, and the one who is grafted to me is grafted to Him Whom I represent. I bear a torch which will illumine all those who come close to me, but the one who entertains suspicion and doubt and runs away from me will be subjected to darkness. I am the impregnable fortress for this age; whoever enters my fold will be protected from thieves, robbers and the beasts of the wilderness.” (Ruhani Khazain Vol.3: Fatah Islam, p34)

I have personally seen the importance of this at University. For many of us who move out of our homes to University accommodation, it can often be tempting to indulge in un-Islamic acts. Being alone and isolated does not help. In my own struggles, I would often use different methods to tackle such temptations. But there was never a true remedy to my anxieties except in the remembrance of God. It was only through this that my heart found rest and my worries evaporated. I found no better cure for the ailment of my heart than seeking the face of my Beloved.

By Naveed Mirza

This article is the first in a two-part series on creating a relationship with God. Stay tuned for the next part “Befriending God Almighty” later on this week!

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