Student Retreat 2018

The AMSA Student Retreat returns for 2018!

Following on from the successful event last year, this year’s Retreat is again packed with innovative and interactive activities throughout. Unlike any other MKA event, this is an event organised exclusively by university students for university students. So whether you’re just starting university this year or are just leaving university, we have a weekend of spiritual insight and career guidance that you won’t find anywhere else.

Key Features

  • Meet like-minded khuddam from UK universities
  • Inspiring & unique spiritual talks at Student Talk
  • Exciting outdoor activities and sports
  • Pub Langar quiz
  • Interactive Discussions on:
    • Debunking atheism
    • Social situations at University
    • Spreading Islam amidst a climate of fear 
    • Huzoor (aba)’s Jalsa Germany addresses, streamed live throughout the retreat weekend.

A now legendary talk by Abid Khan given at the Student Retreat 2015

Testimonials from past years

“I have wanted to go out there and start doing tabligh all of a sudden. When I got home in Sunday I couldn’t stop telling my family about the things I learned and all the things I enjoyed.”
“To be honest it has helped me spiritually and mentally. Now I know what to do and how to approach university.”
“I feel that the Retreat has affected me to learn about Ahmadiyyat more… that is that we should perform tabligh where ever we go, and that we should do it with taqwa.”
“Allowed me to self reflect and gain a better understanding of my peers, Islam and Ahmadiyyat.”
“It has made me stronger spiritually and more determined with my faith as I was surrounded by spiritual people in a very spiritual environment. I was very grateful for the opportunity to ask many questions to our young imams who were present there.”
“Praying in congregation 5 times a day is amazing.”


Friday 7th – Sunday 9th September 2018
Arrive: Maghrib on Friday 9th Sept.
Leave: Sunday afternoon


AMSA will once more take place at the beatiful and blessed venue of Jamia Ahmadiyya UK.
When you register, let us know about your travel requirements. Petrol costs will be reimbursed.


Every prayer will be held in congregation and separately through the Retreat, including congregational tahajjuds
Friday evening:
  • Dinner (rolling, as attendees arrive)
  • Tour of site
  • Games room (table tennis, pool table, gaming screens x 2)
Saturday AM:
  • Team Building Activities and Interactive Scenarios and Discussions
  • Huzoor (aba)’s live speech to lajna at Jalsa Salana Germany 2018
Saturday PM:
  • Opening session featuring AMSA testimonies and keynote speech from Sadr Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya
  • Seminars:
    • Tabligh: Debunking atheism
    • Surviving University
  • Sports: “Capture the Flag,” Dodgeball
  • Dinner
  • University Challenge Quiz
Sunday AM:
  • Congregational Tahajjud
  • Sports – including the legendary return of  Zorb Football
  • Dodgeball
  • Press Club: Interactive discussion on current affairs linked to Islam and how best to tackle anti-Islam sentiment
Sunday PM:
  • Student Talk
    • Mansoor Clarke: The Rope of Khilafat 
    • Usman Butt: Finding my voice at University 
    • Muddassar Rashid: The Fruits of Research 
  • AMSA Prize-Giving
  • AMSA Elections
  • Concluding Remarks
  • Live-streamed concluding address by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V from Jalsa Salana Germany 2018. 
  • Take-away dinner

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