What is the meaning of my dream?

AskAway have received questions from students requesting that we shed light on the meaning of their dreams. Though attempting to interpret individual dreams is beyond the scope of AskAway, we would like to draw the attention of all students to the article linked below. The wonderful world of dreams and the method of interpreting dreams according to Islam by Maulana Dost Muhammad Shahid is an excellent read and provides a great insight on this topic from an Islamic perspective. The article was originally published in ‘The Muslim Herald’ in March/April 1978, and is linked at the bottom of the page. A short portion is provided below as a preview: 

The Promised Messiah and Founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (a.s.) and his successors have played a notable part in regenerating this branch of knowledge, and explaining various aspects of dreams and their interpretations.

The Promised Messiah (a.s.) has said that “true interpretations of dreams of a truly faithful person is that he is able to form a strong link with his God through following meticulously and truly all His Commands whether these be of commission or of omission; and that he continues to be firm and faithful to Him in times of adversity, trials and vicissitudes.” (Malfoozaat Vol. VI. pp. 435-436)

“Dreams and their interpretations, which in the Holy Quran are sometimes mentioned as The Interpretation of Episodes’, embrace a very wide scope in all the religions of the world. In Islam these have been given a noticeable significance. From time immemorial dreams have been considered a special means of conveyance of the Divine message and commands to His creatures through which He imparts knowledge and wisdom to them. It was through a dream that Abraham, the progenitor of prophets, made his determination of sacrificing his eldest son Ismail and who, in turn, gladly accepted the Divine Command and prepared himself to be sacrificed at the hand of his own father. The whole life of prophet Joseph revolves round the dreams and their interpretations. The call to prayer, known as Azaan, has its inception through a dream. It was on account of a dream that the Holy Prophet of Islam undertook the hazardous march to Hudaibiyya with fourteen hundred of his faithful disciples…”

For the rest of the article visit the link below:

As a further point, Islam Ahmadiyyat is blessed with divinely guided Khilafat, and it is easily possible, through letters, to develop a personal relationship with the Khalifa of the time. If one wants to have an individual dream interpreted, then writing to Khalifatul-Masih is a highly recommended way of doing this.

We hope this article may be of interest and prove useful to the questioners and our readers. Share your thoughts, comments and ideas. If you have a question then ask away, visit the AMSA website [http://amsa.org.uk] and click on ‘Ask A Question’.


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